Wedding Photography in Monterey

I have done numerous Wedding Photography since 2013. During the Wedding Photography session we will walk around, choose the best locations and take few shots. We need verities in our pictures to give you more options. I will take different shots with different back grounds, ocean, rocks, woods, walls and etc. Price for every 60m session is $200. There is no time limitation. You can book me for any time limit.


I do not offer print outs and I only offer JPG Digital files. I upload the pictures to my website and send you a link with pass code. All the pictures are Copy Righted and JH Photographers property BUT you, as client, can share, print and download for personal use.


My main goal is to keep every process as easy as possible. I accept all types of payment methods. Cash, Check, Credit Cards, Apply Pay, Google Pay and Paypal. I normally send an invoice through Quickbooks and via email which will give my clients the opportunity to make payments via Credit Card or Apple Pay. You can also use my Paypal link to make the payment easily.


I charge $200 for every hour of a wedding event for the year 2020. You will receive 40+ softly edited pictures with high-resolution. There is no time limitation. You can hire me for even 1 hour.

Photo Gallery

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